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Harry Coomer - Son of successful arborist chooses career in real estate instead. To learn how Harry is responding to the COVID-19 crisis click here.

Sava Kakkos - Started a business with his family and now runs it. To learn how Urban Greek are responding to the COVID-19 crisis click here.

Terry Cutcliffe - Started a business with two of his brothers. 

Susie Flanagan - Started a restaurant with her parents twenty years ago and recently re-opened it.

Dean Cooper - Retired civil litigator with an interest in the horse racing industry. 

Grant Chisnall - Crisis Advisor, Trainer, Podcaster and founder and CEO of Left of Boom. To access Grant's free resources to help businesses navigate the COVID-19 pandemic click here.

Marcus Turnbull - In May 2020, Marcus was appointed Senior Counsel by the Supreme Court of Tasmania. 

Janelle Larkin - Janelle Larkin started Buy from Tasmania to connect local vendors to buyers online. 

Louella Jury - Louella Jury has 16 years experience managing accommodation in Tasmania, and is offering an exclusive discount for your stay at Blueberry Bay Cottage. 

Loren Clarke - Started Lady Hester six years ago with her sister, Erin. They recently expanded their business. 

Cameron Barry - Cam was made redundant due to the COVID-19 pandemic and decided to start his own business. 

Jarrod Nation - Jarrod created numerous startups in Melbourne before moving back to Tasmania and purchasing Salters Hire. 

Sarah Hooper - Sarah had to close her business due to pandemic but ending up selling out of products online and opening a second location. 

Scott Donald - Scott had to close his Victorian business for over six months, but he has now reopened and is getting more business than ever.

Jill Abel - Jill spends her Thursday nights differently to most mums and CEOs, which she is both – she spends it sailing with her friends on their boat aptly named ‘Cook Your Own Dinner.’

Julie Willis - Following a rough start to 2020, Julie decided she needed to do something she was passionate about, and from there, Wesley & Willis was born.

Kate Causon - A lawyer, a mother and an entrepreneur. The story of the inspirational woman behind Wild Island Co.


Note: It should not be assumed that interviewees are clients of PKF Tasmania.


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