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Daniel Rands has been engaged by legal teams on numerous files where accounting or financial understanding, investigation or assessments have been required.

These include reviewing complex business operation and asset structures to determine the flow of funds, income available to a person or the control a person has over the affairs of an asset, business or entity.

In other cases, it is important for the legal team to understand the true profitability of a business or entity or the ability of a business or entity to provide cash or income to a person. This can include an assessment of the ability of an entity to meet an award of damages, should it lose a case which is contemplated.

On a number of occasions, the legal team has needed to understand the impact of taxation on an award or settlement proposal. Daniel Rands has determined the taxation implications of proposed awards and settlements and has provided advice and given evidence regarding the various elections, choices and strategies which may impact on the extent of taxation applicable to the awards and settlements.


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