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PKF in Tasmania is an Independently Owned Network Member

PKF in Australia is a national network of legally independent member firms that trade as PKF. Member firms of PKF in Australia have offices in ACT, Tasmania, Gold Coast and Western Australia. Member firms of PKF in Australia or their nominees are members of PKF Australia II Limited. PKF Australia II Limited provides services to the network firms of PKF in Australia and does not provide services to the clients of any firm of PKF in Australia. Member firms of PKF in Australia or their nominees are also Member firms of the PKF International Limited, a network of legally independent firms. Neither PKF Australia II Limited nor its member firms accept responsibility or liability for the actions or inactions on the part of any member firm or firms of PKF in Australia or of PKF International Limited.

Website Contains General Information Not Advice

The information provided on the website provides general information and does not, not does it purport to, provide advice which should be substituted for professional advice based on an understanding a person’s circumstances objectives and requirements. Prior to taking any action based on information contained on the website, persons should seek a consultation with PKF in Tasmania in order that professional advice could be provided to them which takes into account their particular circumstances, objectives and requirements as well as the current applicable legislation, the current interpretation of that legislation and other matters as are appropriate. PKF in Tasmania can have no liability to any person acting on the basis of information contained on this website who does not seek such specific professional advice.

No Superannuation and Investment Advice

None of PKF in Tasmania, its principal or its employees holds an Australian financial services licence (AFSL) or is an authorised representative of an AFSL holder and therefore does not and does not purport to provide investment advice or superannuation advice for which an AFSL is required.

Specifically, they do not advise, amongst other things, that any particular kind of superannuation fund should be established; that superannuation contributions should be made; what amount of superannuation contributions should be contributed to a fund; that a pension should be commenced or commuted; that any particular investment strategy should be adopted or any particular type of investment should be acquired.


PKF (Tas) Pty Ltd asserts copyright over all material contained on this website other than the material accessed by external links. No waiving of copyright is intended by the display of content or its provision in electronic form. No copying of content is allowed without PKF (Tas) Pty Ltd’s specific written permission.