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Kate Causon

Kate started a clothing business while on maternity with her first child. The company, Wild Island Co, launched the same week Kate returned to her job as a lawyer. For Kate, becoming a mother prepared her for entrepreneurship. Motherhood taught her to be prepared for anything, ready to adapt and accepting of the reality that she does not know everything. 

‘Becoming a mum taught me lots of the attributes I needed to become an entrepreneur’.

What began as boxes of clothes in Kate and Levi’s living room is now a popular clothing brand stocked in stores around Australia and internationally. The secret to the business’ success is that they make sure to understand their customers. Their aim is to create something people need which came easily for Kate because she was solving the frustrations she experienced as a mother.

After juggling a growing business, a toddler, and part-time work as a lawyer, Kate realised that she was trying to do too many things. The wakeup call was receiving a letter saying she missed a booking for her daughter’s vaccinations, and it was then Kate realised she was balancing too much. The decision was not easy, but the unique opportunity to grow her own business led her to leave her law career.

‘Being an entrepreneur is a roller coaster’.

For the business to succeed, Kate had to trust that people would connect with what she had created, which was both scary and rewarding. Her flexible schedule means more family time and Kate enjoys the challenge of continually learning and improving. Kate also uses the business to achieve things she cares about; from giving back to charities to inspiring families to get outdoors.

Kate and Levi have worked hard to maintain balance while running their own business and have found it through social media free days. This concept was adopted by the Wild Island Co online community, who now regularly take Saturdays off social media and post their adventures the next day with the hashtag #wildandfreesaturday.

Wild Island Co’s Scandinavian inspired clothes are gender neutral, durable and easy to look after. They have styles available for adults and children.

To support this local business, visit their website or follow them on social media



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