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Julie Willis

Julie Willis has been running businesses for over twenty-five years. Last year, she decided to do something she was passionate about, and from there, Wesley & Willis was born. Wesley & Willis is a boutique homewares shop located in Lindisfarne village.

2020 was challenging for Julie, as it was for so many others. The pandemic forced her business to close for eight weeks, and she had also lost her father in 2019. These events prompted Julie to take a step back and re-evaluate her priorities.

‘It’s those big life moments of “Is what I’m doing what I want to do?”’

Julie channelled her creativity and love for interior design into a hosting course run by Sarah Andrews. The Hosting Masterclass taught Julie about running and styling accommodation. Julie and her husband own The Drifters House accommodation in Bridport. Julie’s hosting expertise has made this one of Tasmania’s most sought-after places to stay - it has bookings through until April next year. The Drifters House is styled exclusively with homewares from Wesley & Willis.

The hosting course’s styling components inspired Wesley & Willis, but it is more than just a homewares shop – it is a place for the community. Julie’s father, Wesley, spent a lot of time in Lindisfarne village and was very community orientated. She wanted to create a place for people like her dad to be able to call in and have a look around and chat without feeling pressured to buy. A true community hub to bring people together and enhance the local village.

‘We can all walk into a generic store run by multi-million-dollar companies but getting down to something community based that means something to people.’

When Julie first became a business owner, she knew nothing about running a business. She learnt along the way but advises new business owners to do their research and choose something their passionate about. For Julie, running Wesley & Willis does not feel like a job because she loves doing it.

Every brand is thoroughly researched before stocking them. In supporting Australian made and designed brands, it is more than just an item, it is a part of the maker's hard work, passion and story. No matter where an item comes from, it must be ethically made and sustainable.

Wesley & Willis stock a wide range of home décor, clothing, body care and kids’ toys. To browse their beautiful range, you can visit Julie in-store at 15 Franklin St, Lindisfarne or by looking at their online store: https://wesleyandwillis.com.au/

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